Topics for Writing an Outstanding Essay

Essay writing is not a piece of cake. It is a process that requires your utmost attention. After understanding the topic, you must be able to brainstorm effectively. Sometimes, coming up with a great topic is difficult as well. This article would help you out by listing down some of the best topics for writing an essay that would impress you and your teacher alike. 

  1. Hard-hitting Essay Topics

If you are trying to let the people know about your stance on various things, the hard-hitting essay is the category you should choose from. Below are six topics that would come under the hard-hitting essay category

  • It should be illegal to carry out experimentations on living creatures.
  • The government must ban the tobacco business.
  • The government should get rid of capital punishment.
  • Overseeing of the educational programs of the high school must be done by the understudies themselves.
  • Will there be a point when no more innovative departments are created?
  • Is the main reason behind the demoralized youth is progression?
  1. Informative Essay Topics

These are the essays that would teach or inform their readers about something that they had not known previously. It would help if you did your proper research before writing on these topics, as authenticity is of paramount significance. If you write something that is not authentic, you will have to face the wrath of your readers. You can hire a professional from custom essay writing services to write an authentic essay for you if it's too difficult to do it on your own. Mentioned below are five such informative essay topics.

  • Why do people commit suicide?
  • Mostly young people use drugs. Why do you think that the youth are charmed by the drugs more than others?
  • How to apply in the college of your dreams
  • Why do the men have a hard time submitting? 
  • Why do the students drop out of college?
  1. Obvious Essay Topics 

Under this category comes the essay topics that would help you out in discussing the things that are quite understandable and apparent. Below are five topics that would come under the obvious essay category.

  • Discuss the person who changed your personality entirely. 
  • Discuss the first experience of using a gadget by a person who is from the stone age.
  • Discuss the things that you would change if you ever got a chance of creating the world again.
  • Discuss the changes your life went through due to an event.
  • Discuss your upbeat spot
  1. Convincing Essay Topics

This category is filled with the topics that you must choose from if you are trying to convince someone about certain taboo topics. Below are three topics that would come under the convincing essay category.

  • Fast food and other low-quality food must be banned within the school and college premises.
  • No matter what the conditions are, the abortions must be restricted. 
  • The number of kids that a couple can have in America must not be measured. 


If you are willing to write something unique, something through which you can let your readers or your teachers know about your opinions and your ideas, you must choose a topic from the ones that are mentioned above. 

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